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TQIG was established in July 2022 with a singular mission to make investing simple, fun, and profitable for all investors. In alignment with this mission, we publish premium equity research reports on Seeking Alpha.

Here’s a performance snapshot of our research work on SA premium:

TQI Tidbits are tiny snippets or highlights of this [↑] research work!

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I hope TQI’s investing tidbits and research insights have been enhancing your journey toward financial freedom. In 2024, we aim to deliver even more value to you. In this vein, we added TQI’s Asymmetric Ideas Series to TQI Tidbits in early January 2024, and with this addition, our newsletter has moved to a freemium model.

Going forward, we will continue to post 2-3 tidbits per week for all subscribers (free + paid). Additionally, we will publish 1 truly asymmetric risk/reward stock investment idea per month, exclusively for paid members.

For context, TQI's Asymmetric Ideas Series is an exclusive, monthly publication wherein we strive to find investments that can produce 50-100%+ returns in 1-3 years with limited risk; using our proprietary Quantamental Analysis process, which is a mix of fundamental, quantitative, technical, and valuation analysis. Since launching this series in April 2023 within our SA investing group, TQI’s first 9 asymmetric risk/return ideas have generated ~36% return on average as of writing on 12th January 2024, with 7 out of 9 picks currently in the green!

While all of our investing tidbits and research insights will remain free forever, TQI’s Asymmetric Ideas Series is only available to paid TQI Tidbits members.

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